Production FAQs


I'm a customer - How do you ensure quality and that my order will be handled with care?

Our staff care about your order because we care about our staff and invest heavily in them. We attained the Investors in People Standard in 2006 and have maintained this ever since. Training and personal development are important to us and we encourage this by regularly rotating staff into other departments. This creates many layers of multi- skilling and gives us lots of business flexibility as well as a motivated workforce.


I'm a customer - How do you ensure stock is available for my order?

We have an industry-specific stock control system for monitoring the goods throughout the whole supply chain from suppliers’ stocks to customers’ warehouses. There is capacity on site for over 7 million stocked products. We are currently stocking over 4800 SKUs with 5500 pick faces available. Products are moved around the warehouse using a range of electrically powered MHE including pedestrian reach, scissor lift, counterbalance and narrow-aisle pivot-steer vehicles.


I'm a customer - How long will it take to pick my order?

Quick and accurate order picking is the driving goal in the warehouse. All orders follow set pick flows where we sweep the warehouse picking exactly what we need. Orders are double-checked before packing and dispatch. The target turnaround for UK orders is within 48 hours, for export orders is within 72 hours and for print-on-demand orders is approximately one week. The target OTIF fulfilment is 99%.


I'm a customer - How will my order be delivered?

We have our own vehicles which we use for more local UK deliveries. These are complemented by a network of trusted third-party carriers for both parcels and pallets, which cover those longer distance movements and overseas shipments.


I'm a potential customer and have a special request for printed images. Will you consider my request?

We consider lots of bespoke requests from customers. Our varied network of printers and our in-house capabilities allow us to print and package a vast array of customer-specific products. Contact Richard Gillatt, our Operations Manager and we can look at your request and offer you a quotation.


I'm a potential customer - Do you print on different types of media?

We print on paper, of course, for posters, but we also have our images printed on plastic stickers, metal panels, wood panels, button badges, PET plastic, 3D lenticular sheet, canvas and mirrors.


I want to deliver products into Pyramid Posters. What hours are you open for receipt of goods?

Our Goods Inward department is open from 09.00 until 16.30, Monday to Friday. The only thing we ask is that if you have palletised goods for delivery, please call for a timed booking space 24 hours prior to delivery.


What happens if I can't deliver during your normal opening times?

In special circumstances, and so long as you give us adequate notice, we can make alternate arrangements to receive goods outside of these hours.


We wish to deliver product to you in 40' Articulated vehicles. Can you accept these in your goods in department?

We have ample room for receiving any size of vehicle and there is space to turn once inside our factory gates.


We wish to deliver on pallets. Do you have any special requests?

You can deliver on either 1200 x 1000mm pallets or 1200 x 800mm. However, we require the short end without base runners. Only the long sides should have the base perimeter runners.