Embrace the Tide: Introducing The Wave Collection

Embrace the Tide: Introducing The Wave Collection

Embrace the Tide: Introducing The Wave Collection


We are excited to unveil a captivating new addition at Pyramid International – The Wave Collection. This unique series is an artistic homage to one of the most iconic images in art history: The Great Wave. Through this collection, we bring a fresh and diverse perspective to this timeless masterpiece.

A Classic Reimagined

The Great Wave, instantly recognizable and endlessly interpreted, serves as the muse for this innovative collection. Our artists and partners have re-envisioned this classic through various artistic styles and interpretations, breathing new life into its enduring legacy.

Diversity in Artistry

The Wave Collection features an extensive array of artworks that explore the Great Wave across different art forms and styles. From bold abstracts and modern digital art to subtle contemporary reinterpretations, each piece in the collection offers a unique take on this iconic image.

Beyond Just Prints

While The Wave Collection includes a range of beautifully framed prints, it doesn't stop there. We've extended this theme across our extensive licensing portfolio, incorporating it into various products. Expect to see The Wave making a splash across home decor items, office accessories, and personal collectibles.

Created for the Collection

In addition to licensed interpretations, we have commissioned exclusive artworks specifically for The Wave Collection. These pieces are unique to Pyramid International and offer a fresh perspective on the classic theme.

A Wave of Opportunity for Retailers

For our retail and distribution partners, The Wave Collection represents an opportunity to offer something truly unique to your customers. This collection is not just about selling products; it's about offering a piece of art history, reimagined for the modern consumer.

Ride the Wave with Us

We invite you to explore The Wave Collection and discover the various artistic treasures it holds. Whether for a retail store, an online shop, or a distribution outlet, these pieces are sure to captivate and intrigue your customers.

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