Frazetta (Death Dealer Iii) 30 x 40cm Collector Print (Framed)

SKU: FP14175P-PL
License: Frazetta
Product Type: Collector Print (Framed)

Frazetta (Death Dealer III) – A Vision of Dark Fantasy

Behold the enigmatic power of Frank Frazetta's art with Pyramid International's Frazetta (Death Dealer III) Collector Print. This framed print captures the iconic 'Death Dealer III,' a masterpiece that has defined dark fantasy art for generations.

Why It's a Fantasy Icon:

  • Intense and Brooding Artwork: 'Death Dealer III' is one of Frazetta's most celebrated works, known for its haunting presence and rich, atmospheric detail.
  • Expertly Framed: The print is elegantly framed, enhancing the artwork's mystique and making it a ready-to-display centerpiece for any room.
  • Deep Visual Impact: Every element of this print, from the foreboding armor to the shadowy backdrop, is rendered with exceptional detail, inviting viewers into a world of myth and legend.
  • Coveted Collectible: A must-have for fans of Frazetta and collectors of fantasy art, this piece embodies the spirit of epic storytelling and artistic brilliance.

The Frazetta (Death Dealer III) Collector Print is more than just a framed print; it's a portal into the dark and mesmerizing world of fantasy, offering a slice of Frazetta's legendary artistic legacy to your collection.

The following product specification and details are correct at the time of publishing.

Product Length (cm) 45
Product Width (cm) 1.7
Product Height (cm) 35
Product Weight (kg) 1.07
Inner Quantity
Inner Carton Length (cm)
Inner Carton Width (cm)
Inner Carton Height (cm)
Inner Carton Weight (kg)
Outer Quantity
Outer Carton Length (cm)
Outer Carton Width (cm)
Outer Carton Height (cm)
Outer Carton Weight (kg)
Quantity Pallet
Barcode 5050574084239
Country of Origin UK
Commodity Code 4414900000