Ivy Dolamore (Big Sis) Collector Print (Framed)

SKU: FP14179P-PL
Product Type: Collector Print (Framed)

Ivy Dolamore (Big Sis) – A Portrait of Sisterhood

Discover the charming essence of familial bonds with Pyramid International's Ivy Dolamore (Big Sis) Collector Print. This framed artwork by the talented Ivy Dolamore beautifully captures the warmth and depth of the sisterly relationship, making it a heartfelt addition to any collection.

Why It's a Heartwarming Choice:

  • Emotive Artistry: 'Big Sis' is a testament to Ivy Dolamore's ability to portray intimate, familial connections in her art, resonating deeply with viewers.
  • Elegantly Framed: The print is tastefully framed, ready to enhance the aesthetic of any space, be it a home, office, or gallery.
  • Vivid and Expressive: Rich in color and emotion, this piece brings the nuances of sisterhood to life with every brushstroke.
  • Ideal for Diverse Settings: Perfect for both retail and personal settings, this print appeals to a wide audience, from art lovers to those cherishing family ties.

The Ivy Dolamore (Big Sis) Collector Print is more than just a framed print; it's a celebration of sisterhood and the enduring bonds that define our lives. A beautiful reminder of familial love, it’s a piece that speaks to the heart.

The following product specification and details are correct at the time of publishing.

Product Length (cm) 45
Product Width (cm) 1.7
Product Height (cm) 35
Product Weight (kg) 1.07
Inner Quantity
Inner Carton Length (cm)
Inner Carton Width (cm)
Inner Carton Height (cm)
Inner Carton Weight (kg)
Outer Quantity
Outer Carton Length (cm)
Outer Carton Width (cm)
Outer Carton Height (cm)
Outer Carton Weight (kg)
Quantity Pallet
Barcode 5050574084277
Country of Origin UK
Commodity Code 4414900000