Gundam (Warring Factions) Plastic Drinks Bottle

SKU: PDB27736
License: Gundam
Product Type: Plastic Drinks Bottle

Hydrate with the Might of Mechas!

Step into the futuristic universe of Gundam with the Gundam (Warring Factions) 25oz/700ml Plastic Drinks Bottle. Presented by Pyramid International, this bottle is a tribute to the legendary mecha anime, merging the thrill of interstellar conflict with the practicality of daily hydration.

Why It's a Mech Masterpiece:

  • Striking Gundam Art: Emblazoned with dynamic artwork depicting the iconic warring factions of the Gundam series, this bottle is a portable canvas of intergalactic warfare.
  • Durable for Daily Duels: Constructed with high-quality plastic, it‚Äôs as resilient as a Gundam, ready to accompany you on your daily missions and challenges.
  • Ample Capacity for Hydration: With its 25oz (700ml) capacity, it's ideal for keeping you hydrated during long battles or day-to-day activities.
  • Leak-Proof and User-Friendly: Designed with a secure lid and easy-to-clean structure, it ensures your drinking experience is as seamless as a Gundam pilot's control.

Equip yourself with the Gundam (Warring Factions) 25oz/700ml Plastic Drinks Bottle and showcase your passion for one of the most epic mecha sagas in anime history. It's more than just a bottle; it's a symbol of your love for the thrilling world of Gundam.

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