Pyramid International is thrilled to announce the latest addition to our innovative product range: the Two-Pack of Boxed Posters. These aren't just any posters; they are a strategic retail solution designed to transform any store display with their dynamic visual appeal and high-quality design.

Compact, Captivating, and Ready to Hang

Our new Boxed Poster Sets are the perfect blend of form and function. Each set includes two uniquely designed posters, each measuring 38cm x 52cm (approximately 15 x 20 inches). This optimal size strikes a delicate balance, large enough to captivate attention while compact enough to fit seamlessly into various retail settings, from small boutiques to large chain stores.

Designed with Retailers in Mind

These posters come in attractive boxes complete with a euro hook, making them not just easy to display but also convenient for customers to carry. Ready to be hung on slat walls or other display units, these sets are designed to catch the eye and enhance any retail environment.

Double the Appeal, Double the Options

Each box contains two posters, allowing customers to enjoy more variety and value from a single purchase. This 'double appeal' factor makes our Boxed Poster Sets a compelling choice for retailers looking to offer more to their customers without needing additional space.

Market Positioning for Maximum Impact

Targeted at family-oriented retail environments, these posters feature a range of designs that appeal to all age groups. Whether your customers are decorating a nursery, updating a teen's room, or adding character to a family living area, there's something in our collection that will catch their eye.

Ideal for High-Traffic Retail Areas

Thanks to their eye-catching design and easy-to-handle packaging, these Boxed Poster Sets are perfect as grab items near checkouts or in high-traffic areas, encouraging impulse buys and boosting sales.

Stock Up Now for Retail Excellence

Offering these Boxed Poster Sets in your store not only diversifies your product range but also meets the growing demand for quality, licensed decor items. They are a smart choice for any retailer looking to enhance visual merchandising and attract families and pop culture enthusiasts alike.

Don't miss the chance to captivate and charm your customers with Pyramid International’s new Boxed Poster Sets—where style meets functionality in your retail space.

Explore our collection and stock up today to ensure you’re ready for the shopping rush!

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