Empowering Youth with Marvel and The Prince's Trust

Empowering Youth with Marvel and The Prince's Trust

Empowering Youth with Marvel and The Prince's Trust

Empowering Youth: A Look Inside Our Collaboration with The Prince's Trust and Marvel

We at Pyramid International are proud to showcase our collaboration with The Prince's Trust and Marvel, aimed at empowering young people through the world of product design. This blog provides an exclusive behind-the-scenes look into the project, featuring insights from Lee Andrews, a key member of our creative team.

A Conversation with Lee Andrews

Hi Lee, can you explain your role in the Prince's Trust project with Disney?

"My role involved introducing the students to Pyramid International, where I discussed our history, our capabilities in production, and our overall mission. I shared my personal journey in design and interacted with the students to explore their ideas about creating impactful wall art, while guiding them through their creative processes."

What were some personal challenges you faced during this project?

"Presenting to such a large group was daunting, despite my usual comfort with public speaking. The project's tight deadlines, especially for finalizing the artworks and securing Disney's approval, were significant hurdles. Thankfully, through effective planning and team collaboration, we managed these challenges successfully."

What were the key successes and your personal takeaways from the project?

"Seeing the students' final designs was profoundly inspiring. Their creativity shone brightly, culminating in designs that are now available on Amazon. A particularly touching moment was discovering that one student had previously decorated her space with one of my own designs. It's a testament to the lasting impact our work can have."

About the Project

This initiative aimed to provide twelve young people from disadvantaged backgrounds with an opportunity to delve into product design. The participants were split into three teams, each tasked with creating designs that reflect different Marvel eras:

  • Team Bronze, Silver, Gold: Focused on the Gold, Silver, and Bronze age Marvel artworks.
  • Team 80’s & 90’s: Designed products using 80’s and 90’s Marvel trends and artworks.
  • Team 2000’s and Beyond: Worked with more recent Marvel publications.

Pyramid International provided expertise and resources for creating wall art and mugs, while Amazon handled the apparel and accessory items, showcasing these young designers' work to a global audience.

Discover the Designs

Explore the creative designs crafted by these talented young individuals, now featured on our product page on Amazon.