Frazetta (Egyptian Queen) 30 x 40cm Collector Print (Framed)

SKU: FP14176P-PL
License: Frazetta
Product Type: Collector Print (Framed)

Frazetta (Egyptian Queen) – Elegance and Mystery in Art

Step into the ancient and mysterious world of the pharaohs with Pyramid International's Frazetta (Egyptian Queen) Collector Print. This framed artwork captures the mesmerizing beauty and power of the Egyptian Queen, a classic piece from the legendary Frank Frazetta.

Why It's an Artistic Jewel:

  • Timeless Beauty: The 'Egyptian Queen' is a testament to Frazetta's ability to blend historical mystique with stunning visual appeal, creating a piece that is both captivating and enigmatic.
  • Luxuriously Framed: Encased in an elegant frame, this print enhances any space with a touch of ancient royalty and artistic excellence.
  • Exquisite Detail: Every aspect of this print, from the queen's regal bearing to the intricate details of her attire, is portrayed with Frazetta's renowned attention to detail.
  • Essential for Collectors: A prized addition for any art collector, especially those who admire Frazetta's work or have a passion for historical and fantasy art.

Embrace the allure of antiquity with the Frazetta (Egyptian Queen) Collector Print. This piece isn’t just a framed print; it’s a journey into a world of elegance, mystery, and timeless artistry.

The following product specification and details are correct at the time of publishing.

Product Length (cm) 45
Product Width (cm) 1.7
Product Height (cm) 35
Product Weight (kg) 1.07
Inner Quantity
Inner Carton Length (cm)
Inner Carton Width (cm)
Inner Carton Height (cm)
Inner Carton Weight (kg)
Outer Quantity
Outer Carton Length (cm)
Outer Carton Width (cm)
Outer Carton Height (cm)
Outer Carton Weight (kg)
Quantity Pallet
Barcode 5050574084246
Country of Origin UK
Commodity Code 4414900000